1984 Established in Taipei/Alliance with YAMAHA
1990 CNC capability for prototyping established
1996 Prototype for automotive light
1999 Rapid Tooling introduced
2000 Alliance with Koito-Shanghai
2005 Ford show car for Tokyo Auto Show built by SANYUAN
2006 Sanyuan began the rapid sheet metal forming project/Sanyuan became the mockup supplier of Luxgen
2007 OEM/ODM design service operated
Ford show car for Tokyo Auto Show built by SANYUAN
2008 30 million USD had been invested into the new facility in Taoyuan
2009 Special edition body kits for SUZUKI SWIF/SX4 launched
2009 LUXGEN show car for Shanghai Auto Show built by SANYUAN
2010 Tier one supplier for China Motor
2011 Environment testers commercially operated. Such as IR chamber, xenon, arc weather meter, programmable temp and humid chamber, thermal shock tester, salt spray tester.
2012 Factory expansion done.
Total area 14876 m2; factory area 13884 m2; warehouse: 3967 m2.5 axis NC machine commercially operated.
Current Develop ODM project for NISSAN Taiwan constantly
EV scooter plastic parts supplier