With knowledge and experience gained from consuming electronic industry and transportation field, the production service of SanYuan has numerous strong points
<< Flexibility, Competetive Price, Top Quality And Service Experience. >>

The new facility equips with injection machines from 80T ~ 2200T which are capable for low/mass volume production ranging from micro components to car bumpers. Further more, we provide sample verification assurance services to ensure clients ultimate product target before final production.

Beside the hardware, we continuous striving in developing new skills to maxmize product quality and reduce client cost. At SanYuan, We are dedicated in providing competitive service to support client will be our main goal.



● Injection machine : 80T~2200T 13 sets
● 10000 grade dust-free painting booth 1 set
● Infrared painting line 1 set
● UV painting line 1 set
● Robot arm auto painting line 1 set
● Environment simulation test machine 8 sets
● EDM machine 3 sets
● 3D platform 1 sets
● Layout machine 2 sets
● Screen printing
● Pad printing
● 20M assembly line
● Horizontal measuring projector